Daddy Fox

Daddy fox went out on a chilly, chilly night,
With a ling dong, dilly dong, kiro mi.
Prayin’ for the moon to give him light,
With a ling dong, dilly dong, kiro mi.

Hey, fa li, fa la, fa lero,
Hey, fa lero, lero li;
Up jumped John, a-ringin’ on his bell,
With a ling dong, dilly dong, kiro mi.

He run till he came to a great big pen,
The ducks and geese they lay there-in.

He grabbed the grey goose by the neck,
Threw a little duck all across his back.

Old Mrs. Flipper Flopper jumped out of bed,
Through the window she stuck her little head.

Well, John rode up to the top of the hill,
He blew his little horn both loud and shrill.

The fox went back to his cozy den,
Little ones was there, there were eight, nine and ten.

The fox and his wife without any strife,
Cut up the goose with a fork and knife.

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