Eloisa Moore

While I relate my story you oystermen give ear,
Jacoby's fading glory you presently shall hear,
Give me your attention and you will plainly see
That the Eloisa Moore can beat the Samuel Jacoby,

Ring, ring your bells at the dawning of the day
The Eloisa Moore's the fastest boat on Delaware Bay.
Oystermen ring your fog bells and let the people see
That the Eloisa Moore can beat the Samuel Jacoby.

We were sailing up the Delaware as though we had no wind
When the Eloisa Moore had to take her topsail in.
We docked in Philadelphia and harbored there the night
But the Samuel Jacoby didn't show 'till dawns' daylight.

William Peterson was our captain, Willie Newcomb was the mate,
Will Ludlow was the pot wrestler, he cooked up what we ate.
Dave Robbins and Harry Gates were the men before the mast;
The whole crews' heart just swelled with pride as we went sailing past.

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