Johnny and Molly

Johnny and Molly sat reposing
Under the banks of blooming roses,
While at the quay the ship lay waiting
This young couple sat repeating,

“Love farewell, darling farewell,
And it's all for parting; love farewell..”

“Oh Johnny, dear, now do not leave me,
For your absence it would grieve me.
For if you go where the cannons rattle,
I greatly fear you might fall in battlel.”

“Oh Molly dear, now do not mourn,
For there's a relief at my returning.
When I come back from the war's alarm,
I'll gently roll you in my arms.”

The old woman said, “Now do not wrong me,
Do not take my daughter from me,
For if you do I will torment you,
At my death my ghost will haunt you.”

The ship, she sails on the stormy ocean,
Seeking out for high promotion,
Where the canons roar and the drums are beating;
March on me boys, for there's no retreating.

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