Let Union Be

Come my lads, let us be jolly,
Drive away all melancholy,
To be sad it would be folly,
When we’re met together.

Let union be in all our hearts,
Let union join our hearts in one.
We'll end the day as we’ve begun,
We'll end it all in pleasure.
Right-folla-rolla-rol too-ra-li-o,
Right-folla-rolla-rol too-ra-li-o,
Right-folla-rolla-rol too-ra-li-o,
When we’re met together.

Solomon, a wise man hoary
Told of wine in song and story.
In our cups we’ll chirp and glory,
When we’re met together.

Long ago, the Greeks and Romans
Checked their cups for signs and omens.
We foresee full tankards foamin'
When we’re met together.

Whisky one can ne’er malign-oh,
With her pedigree divine-oh.
With good friends we’ll drink and dine-oh
When we’re met together.

So fill the board let there be plenty,
The man who wants to be content, he
Eats and drinks enough for twenty,
When we’re met together.

Come my lads, let’s sing in chorus,
Merrily, but yet decorous.
Praising all good drink before us
When we’re met together.

So let there be no sad misgiving
While we're yet among the living;
Fill the room with glad thanksgiving
When we’re met together.

Bacchus, God of wine so merry
Also honors port and sherry.
He'd even bless a Tom and Jerry
When we’re met together.

Now let our voices ring the rafters,
Fill the room with song and laughter,
Joyful as the sweet hereafter
When we’re met together.

Milk is meet for infancy;
Some folks like to sip their tea.
Not such stuff for you and me
When we're met together.

Take the bottle as it passes,
Do not fail to fill your glasses.
Water drinkers are dull asses,
When we're met together

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